Summer mornings - sun rising, heat quickly coming, a little more relaxed living, something out there calling me to get away, leave, get some R and R… slow the pace.

My thoughts quickly go to, “Am I asleep?”  “Has summer put my soul to sleep?”  What exactly does this mean? I think William Wallace in Braveheart said it the best, 

”Every man dies, not every man really lives.”

Asleep could be synonymous with death … I want to live awake and fully alive deep from within.  I want to really live!

What puts me to sleep?  What kills my soul?  The swirling waves around me of the day to day, the pull to make life all about me…self-satisfaction.  These thoughts come from no where, thoughts that say, “Happiness comes from living for yourself. Go out there and find something to make yourself happy”  Killing soul thoughts.  This mindset calls me to quick joy, temporary satisfaction.

Oh there is so much more.  Awake my soul!

Need to Breathe declares it perfectly in their song Slumber

Days they force you Back under those covers

Lazy mornings they multiply

But glory's waiting outside your window

So wake on up from your slumber, baby, open up your eyes

Tongues are violent, Personal and focused

Tough to beat with your steady mind. But hearts are stronger after broken,

So, wake on up from your slumber, baby, open up your eyes

All these victims stand in line for the crumbs that fall from the table, just enough to get by.

All the while your invitation

Wake on up from your slumber, baby, open up your eyes.


Take from vandals, all you want now

Please, don't trade it in for life -  Replace the feeble with the fable

Wake on up from your slumber - Baby, open up your eyes


Come on, Sing like we used to - dance when you want to - taste of the breakthrough

And open wide … Come on now and open your eyes

take a listen, let it move you.

Our greatest satisfaction comes in life when we are fully alive and investing in making a difference in the world through our gifts, our resources -  doing what we love and do well.  

So wake up, really live, get outside yourself even in the tiniest of ways…today.  Don’t hear the falsehoods of, “Well, nothing I do really makes a difference.”

Ask for it!  Look within.  

“Am I dying? Wake me up!”  

“Awake, awake, put on your beautiful garments …

Shake yourself from the dust and arise … loose the bonds from your neck! (Is.52)

If you look for it, it will come.  Seek and you shall find.

Don’t just - "Stand in line for the crumbs that fall from the table - just enough to get by …

Remember -  "All the while your invitation -wake on up from your slumber, Baby, open up your eyes!