We have a specific mission: to encourage people to intentionally live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

You want to live for more! You want your life to count for things that really matter. You want to make a difference. Beacon People exists to offer you opportunities to live in God's kingdom, aligning with who He created you to be. How can you get involved? Our mission is to guide, connect and launch purpose-driven people into God's calling for their fulfillment and His glory.



As God’s child, you were created to live out His calling on your life and find His purposes by doing specific work that He has given you to do. Through life and work coaching, we want to come alongside you as you dream, develop and then move towards actually doing. We love to plan and pray with you, then see you IGNITE!


Through authentic, gospel-centered community we create gathering opportunities for people, like you, who are seeking to live a life invested in God's kingdom. We are brighter together, so join us as we REFLECT God's light in this world.


We have have had the privilege of coming alongside many people as God has grown their vision into reality. Take a look at these Beacons of Light that are SHINING in the world. Be inspired by their stories, reach out to them, support them. You may just find a few that could be wonderful resources for you on your own path as well.