April 13-14 (1).png

Do you feel as if 


your light


is barely flickering?

Maybe it has been blown out all together with the demands of this world? How do you rekindle the flame that the Creator originally placed in your heart? It seems that many of us feel we have busier lives than ever and less purpose than ever. Although we don’t often live as if we believe it, we are all part of a bigger story. Come hear more about God’s bigger story and the role you play. Let’s look at what God says about your life and investigate some amazing things about how He uniquely created you. 

We have a specific mission: to encourage people to intentionally live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

How do we do this?


Through authentic, gospel-centered community we create gathering opportunities for people, like you, who are seeking to live a life invested in higher, kingdom-driven purposes and opportunities.


We have inspirational and motivational materials that will benefit and encourage you, as someone who desires to connect the dots of who God created you to be, the story He has written for you and the calling He has set before you. 


Let us come alongside you when God gives you an idea, a dream or vision of how you are to be used in His Kingdom. With an abundance of resources and opportunities, we seek to educate, encourage, support and promote you to move into your mission.