outside the door ...

I love to go out of town on trips!  I've always dreamed of having a job that allowed me to travel.  I've heard it gets old, but for now, to me it seems dreamy.  I love hotels.  I love slipping my feet down into clean sheets, the smell of the bath products, the noise of hustle and bustle outside the door.  The beam of light coming in between the blackout curtains in the morning beckons me to want to discover a new view that is awaiting as I open the curtains. The anticipation of a good cup of coffee calls me to adventure out the next morning. So many unknowns on a trip.  I'm finding as I get older that I do love an adventure and exploring. This is new for me.

The journey...the trip...the path...that's all of life, isn't it?

If only our journey in life brought so much anticipation and excitement as a trip.  I'd love to wake up fresh, new and excited to explore the unknown every morning.  Life is like an exciting exploration for some but not for others. What's the difference?  I am convinced it has everything to do with purpose.  Today at Beacon Group we heard about a physician who retired from his career as a doctor and poured himself into a life in the outdoors and hunting.  Pretty soon he became bored.  His trip became uneventful and it lost its newness.  He returned to work as physician and purpose has returned...happy and fulfilled once again.

What is your purpose?  What are you living for? 

It may be time to consider your own journey... if you lack zeal for the trip it might just be time to re-evaluate.

Listen and be excited about the hustle and bustle outside your door.  Open it and enter and join a world who needs you and all you were created to be.