ONe on One Coaching


As God’s child, you were created to live out His calling on your life and find His purposes by doing specific work that He has given you to do.

When you understand this concept, it may bloom an idea or dream within you from Him. As you push forward into developing this vision, we want to come alongside you as you dream, develop, and then move towards actually doing. When you are working aligned with God as your Creator and His calling on your life, oftentimes you need support and encouragement along the way! Beacon People gets excited about being this place for you, to come alongside you with intensive coaching and resources so you can better live out your work.



Do you have an idea that you are ready to move on? We'll brainstorm with you, create and design with you, as well as help you plant the practical seeds as we watch your idea bloom. The fruit? Only God knows…but this is where it gets really exciting! We've seen countless people go from just an idea to full blown fruit bearing using the gifts God has given them and our community of believers and doers.


Possibly you have been working in a certain mission, business, or dream for a while and you feel the need for a relighting. You feel dull and drudgery has set in. We would love the opportunity to sit with you and take a good hard look at every aspect of your work. First we can assess your business, ministry, non-profit or mission and then give a fresh approach, review/rewrite the mission of the company, evaluate work flow, or possibly give you new tools that are available to you for daily operations, marketing, and more.

In one on one coaching opportunities, we want to help you see yourself as part of a larger whole, contributing to some greater purpose in the world through your life and work. We would love the chance to plan and pray with you and then see you shine! It would be our joy to help unlock the potential within by aligning God's purpose with your daily life and work, all the while reminding you of your identity in Christ.

Are you ready to take next steps to live intentionally and with greater purpose in your life and work?

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