New Year - New Purpose 2018

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What’s 2018 going to look like for you?

Here’s a year end/new year processing project for you! You can take 30 minutes or 3 hours to work on this so #beFree to go with the flow as you live life intentionally.

This project will give you something simple and doable to prompt you towards more purposeful living in 2018. It's not meant to be weighty or time consuming so get out your pencil, relax and enjoy!

The most effective way to begin looking forward is to first look back. In looking back to 2017 and then forward into 2018 you will have opportunity to:

  • See that reflecting on God’s faithfulness in the past paves the way for stronger faith in the future.

  • Remember the way God has provided for you in life and work.

  • Rejoice in the wonderful things that have happened.

  • Pause, reflect and learn from the things that have been difficult.

  • Brainstorm with ideas for life change.

  • Live a life with more intentionality for your joy and God’s glory.

But most importantly allow this to be a GRACE driven project. Don’t be bound by rules and legalistic planning. This only leads to shame and guilt as we all know that we will fail. Praise God for His perfect record and that our righteousness isn’t based on whether or not we meet yearly goals or objectives!

And lastly, here is yet another chance for you to connect with God as your Creator and Sustainer in all of life and work. Ask Him to join you in this process.

Go HERE to get the 2018 Year Planning Project - New Year, New Purpose.