When your soul sings … take good notes.


 A ship’s logbook is kept by the captain and the crew.  Information is recorded, and operational data relating to his ship and the journey.  Weather conditions, times of routine events and significant incidents, crew complement or what ports were docked at and when, all make up the logbook. It is essential to traditional navigation and is kept daily.

In a few words, a logbook helps a sailor navigate his journey.

Over the years I have kept a pretty traditional journal.  But when I read about a logbook in Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist, I just knew that this was exactly what I needed as I was pursuing new callings and deeper purpose life. It was a new twist to my journaling, if you will.

“Keeping a simple list of who/what/where means I write down events that seem mundane at the time, but later on help paint a better portrait of the day, or even become more significant over time." Austin Kleon

We are all weary travelers searching and longing to find the way home.  Where am I going?  Where have I come from?  Keeping a log over time impacts greatly my perspective.  I begin to connectthe dots.  Yes!  My life IS a story!

We shouldn’t get discouraged when we attempt to write our own story.  Some feel they don’t have a story at all. Instead, look all around and find the story that is being written for you.  Read the details of your life as a story.  Everyone has a story and it needs to be recorded and possibly heard.  If for no other reason, you need to read it yourself and listen to it as well. The passions of life, the people of life and the positions in which you find yourself are all adding up to something pretty amazing.  Everyone has a story and nobody’s story is dull.  It all gets back to your purpose…we each have one, you know.  So within every purpose there has to be a story.  Begin to fit the puzzle pieces together in your logbook to see the bigger picture.  Writing, I believe, can help me chart my progress. Jotting down my opinions can help me refine my ideas.

When your soul sings … take good notes.

When your heart takes a punch, write about it.  

When life gives you a clue, make a note of it.  

When something inspires you, jot it down.  

When you have an idea, log it.

When a prayer is prayed, record it.  

When a prayer is answered, express it and rejoice.

“A memory inventory. An archive of sorts. Place-markers of my own narrative & those which intersect & entangle with my own. I am my own historian. My own keeper of my chronicle. Branches and leaves reminding me of where I've been & where I'm going.”  Abigail Green

Tracing the threads and trends in my life helps me see that these things have brought me to where I am today. The path gets very foggy for me at times.  I’m so glad I can go back and read my logbook on the days when things were crystal clear.  My very own words inspire me to move forward.

“Don’t doubt in the darkness what you saw in the light.”

Write it down and remember... Home is not that far away.

… all a part of your journey, just the daily stuff. If it inspires, put it in there.