Anna NAsh


Anna calls herself a Life & Work Coach because she has a passion for helping people be their very best as God's creation. She believes we are called to make impact in how we choose to invest our gifts, resources, time and energy.

She focuses on helping people align their gifts and ideas, burdens and passions towards living life to the fullest for their satisfaction and for God's glory. An idea girl who loves brainstorming, networking and marketing, Anna has a gift for connecting people and opportunities that benefit them, providing them a place to make impact

  • Coming alongside people to discover a meaningful life

  • Using the framework of pathFinder  with an individuals to discover purpose and fruitfulness in life

  • Listening to God's direction and plans for your life

  • Development of ideas

  • Branding - Name, tag lines

  • Telling the story of your idea/company/mission (pitch)

  • Determining your "WHY"

  • Defining your target audience

  • Writing a Mission Statement

  • Laying tracks for marketing, communication and growth

  • Assisting with areas of weakness and creating new ideas for productivity

  • Team Building

  • Evaluating priorities, setting goals and action points along the way

  • Organization, structure and streamlining processes

  • Fund Raising


"I run a company of one. It is difficult to see the big picture, manage time, and look for ways to grow when there is no one with whom to brainstorm! Anna Nash was my solution! She is a positive, attentive, honest and upbeat voice that encouraged me to make little changes that created big impact. Anna is full of wonderful ideas and how to implement them!"

"Anna truly knows what all is involved in building a business since she has done it on her own. Her vast knowledge, passion and continued support will take your business to a place you never knew it could go."

"Anna was so helpful in guiding me as I decided which business venture to pursue. At a crossroad, several years ago, I had to make hard decision to let one of my businesses go. Anna made that process very clear to me by asking me questions which led me to understand my passions more and where God was calling me! I felt so very free once that decision was made and feel like I'm thriving now rather than just surviving." 

"Anna provides the perfect combination of guidance and encouragement. She challenges me to always dig deeper so that I can make a bigger impact through my calling and purpose here on earth."

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