Beacon People TOP TEN 2018

While we have so many things to cheer about that happened in 2018, we narrowed it down to 10 to keep it simple. Be joyful with us at Beacon People that the world is brighter because you are out there shining your light!

Here we go!


10. Sacred Studio - An event we co-sponsored with Created for a Purpose with 200 women coming together for a weekend of creating and community.


9. MADE Market - We hosted 20 Makers who had purpose behind their products at Ashley Mac’s twice this year in April and October.


8. Workshops - We hosted 2 workshops with 20-40 people attending with topics including Enneagram and Media and Marketing. Excited about new workshops in 2019!


7. pathFinder, A Journey Towards Purpose - During the summer we made video teachings of this series as well as completely redesigning the book to go with the teachings. As a result of this work the material is now transferable and can be used anywhere around the world!


6. wayMaker - You cannot find your purpose apart from finding your Purpose-Giver. This was the inception of a new course Anna has written about seeing and experiencing God like never before.


5. A New Board of Directors - God has graciously provided a team of multi-talented people to come behind the mission of Beacon People providing wonderful support, encouragement and decision making with godly guidance.


4. Coaching opportunities - Now more than ever we have opportunities to sit down one-on-one with people to support them in their God-given dreams, both practically and spiritually.

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3. Beacon Team - Dawn Curtis (graphic designer), Katy Shelton (editor) and Kristin Walker (event coordinator) have been behind the scenes making it all happen with their amazing gifts!


2. Our Partners - Luca, Innova Coffee, Blythe Consulting, Reel Hope Films, Banks Nash Videography and Ashley Macs are partnering with Beacon People to make us a more effective and productive organization. Thanks guys!


1. YOU take first place on our list in 2018! You inspire us! You are making a difference. You are hearing the call and growwing what God has planted in your hearts. You are making impact in this world and that is why we call you…. BEACON PEOPLE!

Cheers to big things ahead for Beacon People in 2019! God has been faithful and will be again. Thanks for being a part of Beacon People!

Anna Nash, Director


Did you know?

Also, Beacon People is a non-profit that runs primarily off of donations. We need 2019 funds. Would you consider us in your year-end giving? Have you been impacted by Beacon People? Help us continue to give the gift of purpose to others. We would be so grateful!