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Beacon People is all about creating opportunities for you as a dreamer, doer, business builder and mission accomplisher! We have put our heads together to think of cool people to teach you productive and creative ways to do your God-given work. These fun and relaxed workshops will provide connections for you to network with other people who are out there doing the work for the same reasons you are. You will be encouraged, inspired and motivated in productive ways that maybe you haven't felt in a long time.

Join us for our fall workshop series at Ashley Mac's in Homewood. Ticket price includes coffee and pastries, teaching sessions from professionals in the field, resources folder for note-taking and follow up, as well as fun giveaways. Lunch will be available for purchase during our breakout time. 

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Enneagram      Workshop      

Friday, September 21


Everyone is talking about the enneagram. In our Enneagram Workshop, you will discover your unique personality type and how to use that knowledge to grow in your relationship with Christ.  By learning our strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies we are able to cultivate healthier relationships with God and others and be more effective in our work and calling.

Media and Marketing Workshop

Tuesday, october 16


Do you have a business, organization, or idea you are passionate about but feel unsure about how to properly market it to your audience? In this workshop, we will give you practical solutions on how to use social media, your website, and other digital marketing tools to bring your message to the world in a simple, yet effective way. 

Fall workshop series pricing

One Workshop- $40

Two Workshop Bundle- $70

Thank you Ashley Mac's for hosting our Fall Workshop Series!