Kristin Walker

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Kristin is passionate about equipping you to create simple strategies and processes to help you better communicate with your audience while always pointing you back to God in the process.

She will "teach you to fish" by showing you how to utilize practical tools and platforms to effectively and authentically connect with your audience while saving time, money, and stress. It's so important to Kristin to help you learn to do things on your own as much as possible so that you can reserve extra resources for the building of your idea.

  • Simplifying your social media strategy

  • Helping you to build and maintain your own website using Squarespace

  • Teaching you how to use email marketing as another means of communication

  • Showing you how to create and automate your own content 

  • Putting phone applications to work to make marketing and communications with your audience easier, efficient and more effective

  • Using Google Drive for organization of content and sharing with team members

  • Tapping in to other resources and people to help you carry out your mission

  • Connecting you with community to enhance your work through networking, encouragement and collaboration

  • Encouraging and equipping you all along the way

  • Build out of Squarespace website with tutoring to maintain on your own


“I felt so unqualified to jump into the social media game but I knew it was no longer optional, it was a must if I was hoping to take our mission to the next level! Kristin jumped on board and made it seem simple and doable, all the while she was teaching me the importance and why behind the platforms. Thank you, Kristin, for helping us have a not just a successful social media marketing component, but a thriving one at that! “

"When I decided to create a blog community for grandparents, I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't know how to do it. Kristin listened carefully to my ideas and built a website that perfectly fulfilled my objectives. She helped turn my vision into a reality."

“I have a non-profit and a Production Co. I needed to merge my social media for both companies into an effective singular campaign.  Kristin helped me do that.  She listened to my needs, then helped me strategize ways to use my time and efforts more effectively. “

I enjoyed Kristin’s coaching approach because it allowed me to be hands-on in building the website. Not only were the in-person sessions helpful, but I was able to email her anytime with questions. I found Kristin to be creative and knowledgeable in her design approach.”

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