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A Beacon Gathering is a meeting of people for story telling, inspiration and discussion. This community connects those who desire to live life with greater purpose in the kingdom of God. The benefits of Beacon Groups include encouragement, inspiration, collaboration, networking and so much more!


pop-up for purpose

Twice a year in the fall and spring Beacon People sponsors a Pop-Up Shop called Pop-Up for Purpose. This is a marketplace for vendors and artisans who have products with purpose, merchandise with a message and desire to do more than make a sale. They desire to tell their story!

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We offer workshops and retreats hosted by churches, ministries or secular organizations. We bring more than teaching, lecture type messages. With practical tools and engaging activities people leave feeling like they have truly experienced life change as a result of attending.

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Do you want to inspire and motivate those around you with higher purposed living? 

Beacon People can bring this message to your next event!

Contact us hear for event content and speaker details.

"Beacon Gatherings encourage me every time to live a life of higher purpose! The stories that I hear there are so inspiring and make every day purpose seem doable for me."