Are you living for what really matters? Fall 2019 Opportunities!

“I want to live for more.” 

Isn’t this a desire we all share? I can’t imagine anyone who would say they don’t want his or her life to count. God doesn’t create a single life that isn’t intentionally designed with His specific purposes in mind. Notice the word purpose there is plural. I’ve come to understand that God’s purposes for us are more like a complex matrix than a simple, single, calling or endeavor.

This is our mission at Beacon People - to walk with you in and through the matrix of God’s plans and purposes for you . . . 

to live curiously

to live expectantly

to live intentionally

to live creatively

to live freely

to live more than anything knowing God, as He longs for you to see Him.

You may remember that our theme for 2019 is “TOGETHERNESS” and as we wind down this year, we have some new opportunities and experiences for you or someone you may know to lay hold of “living life with more meaning.”

*Don’t dismiss this email if you live outside of Birmingham! We can come alongside you to bring about these same type of opportunities in your area.

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Because we shine brighter together!