How to Create a Significant Summer!


As a child I remember last days of school, swimming in the pool, having later bedtimes and meals made of fresh veggies from our garden. So many details of summer light up my memories like a jar full of fireflies. But soon, for me, all the lazy playful days of summer came to a screeching halt as adulting began to happen.  

 As an adult the longer days of summer are different as they bring vacations, time by the lake or pool and more opportunities for kicking back. We seem to find the days of summer a little more relaxing in spite of the pace of a regular work week …whatever that looks like. For some, work is the same 365 but for others the calendar of the school year seems to redefine the way days are spent.

The change of season has a way of blowing the feelings of nostalgia into our hearts. That first morning of each new season, when we step outside and feel the snap of temperature change, we breathe deeply with gratitude. God knows just how long to let us sit in one season to make us yearn for the next.

Summer brings a welcomed way of relaxing, but it also can cause me to feel lazy and unproductive. Living intentionally seems to come a little easier with the routine of a more predictable schedule. Like most, you probably haven’t given summer much thought other than counting down the days until your beach trip or considering what in the world you are going to do with the kids all day.

Choose this summer of 2018 to live life with more intention.

The Bible calls us to “make the most of our time.” God has given us a brief number of days on earth to live life to the fullest for Him as well as for our joy… even in the summer

What if, by the end of this summer, you felt as if you had lived the months intentionally with a sense of personal growth and effectiveness as a result? What if the summer days could include relaxation but also intentionality? As the fall weather approaches how cool would it be to feel empowered and ready to go after life with new perspective? Being confident that you made the most of your time during the summer will launch you into fall with a spirit and body both rested and ready! I’d like the summer of 2018 to be the best summer yet!

Easier said than done, right? Like a small pebble thrown into a summer pond, there’s potential for a great ripple effect. Just a few simple changes can make great impact in your life and within your sphere of influence. 

What will your summer of 2018 look like?

Take an hour with your journal to:

  • Prayerfully consider and set specific goals in each area of life for summer. 
  • Remember to give yourself freedom for wonderful opportunities that can pop up out of nowhere.
  • Consider and write down a certain Bible verse to claim for summer as well as one single word that inspires you.
  • Jot down the name of a person or two that you would like to reach out to for a summer supper or stroll around the block.

Other thoughts might include the following. What is an area of life you would like to personally develop? How do you want to change? Do you ever talk to someone and hear about what they are doing and think, “Oh, I want to do that!” Well now’s your chance. You have the potential to make this season extraordinary and flourishing in many ways. Hopefully this planning tool could be a part of making that happen!

I’ve crafted an 8 page Summer S-M-A-R-T-S Template for you to easily and simply map out your summer in a creative way both from a personal standpoint, as well as in making impact with others. This plan is developed from the perspective that God is in all, above all and around all of your summer. It includes many ideas and prompts to get you thinking and turn your wheels in ways that you might not have thought of on your own.

The Summer S-M-A-R-T-S Plan is available in a printable, eight page download which you can order by clicking here.

It would be wonderful to find a friend, work through it, then share your thoughts. Holding one another accountable to help achieve your goals doubles the effectiveness for sure.

Celebrate summer! It just might be the brightest and most intentional yet.  Time to shine!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 2.26.53 PM.png

Here’s a preview of what you will be working on with the Summer S-M-A-R-T-S template:

  • Perspective on Summer - Let’s Look at the Big Picture!
  • Priority Driven Planning - Considering What’s Most Important
  • Ready, Set, Goals!  - Goal Setting Chart
  • Objectives Stated - How To’s
  • A Dose of Grace - Finding Freedom in the Plan
  • A Few Extra Surprises -Just Because!
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