Jesus at the Coffee Shop

photo by Michaela Quan

photo by Michaela Quan


Jesus at the coffee shop...

Recently, I saw a picture of Jesus at the coffee shop. As many mornings as I can remember, I ask God to give me a chance to see a picture of Jesus at some point during my day. I love it when He answers and one day, not too long ago, He did.

My husband, Tyler, is currently managing a fairly new coffee shop in our area as he has discovered a passion for being a barista. He serves from a bar type counter with stools lined up full of people. Often, it is my privilege to get to go and sit at the bar and hang out watching him do his thing. (He also makes a killer americano which is a perk as well! #pun.) Well, the other day I went in at a very busy time and he really couldn’t pay me much attention, which is fine because that meant business was good.

I sat at the bar scrolling on my phone, saying hello to friends and just watching him make drinks, while I waited for a brief visit that we are sometimes able to grab.

I noticed a man walk in, and as he was greeted by my husband, the barista. I noticed that his order was never taken. Tyler just started making his drink of choice without asking what he wanted. These days, it’s not just regular or’s become quite complicated! They visited then the man took his drink and left.

Another immediately followed and the same thing happened. No order was given or taken. The barista just knew what he wanted and got busy serving with care whatever special drink he wanted. He left after a short visit, catching up on things that clearly they had visited about before.

Yet another customer pulled into a parking space right in front of the shop within Tyler's view. This time it was a lady. Before she'd even walked in the door he already had begun making her drink having seen her car. He greeted her and held out her cup of bold coffee poured up before she could hardly say hello.

Yes, 3 regulars in a row. His kind heart, warm smile and inviting eyes welcomed each customer, but those regulars felt extra special. Why? He knew them. He knew them, not only by name, buy also by drink. He knew what they wanted and he was eager to get to them exactly that. The warmth in his expression and in the drink he made for them started out their day just right. Special. 

You see, we all want to be “regulars." It makes us feel unique. It makes us feel known. It makes us feel like someone thinks we are special. Even my name written in black ink on my cup makes me feel a little important.

I saw a picture of Jesus right there at the coffee bar. He is the barista and I’m His regular. He sees me coming. He welcomes me with warmth and acceptance. But most of all He knows what I need and prepares it for me. He is waiting to love me with His gifts for me. He makes me feel special and unique. But there’s one condition for being a "regular".

You have to go often.

You must know the barista.  

He knows you well enough and how to meet your needs. You know Him because you have spent time getting to know Him better.

Today, may you believe God's opinion of you more than the opinion you have formed of yourself. He made you in an amazing way and He thinks you are pretty significant. He is ready for you to walk in the door. Now go and feel His love.

"Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him."  Matthew 6:8