She Smiled ...

It was a frigid, windy morning in January as I headed to the coffee shop to meet a young woman as she was seeking her next steps in life.  Recently graduating from college, Emily was energetic and excited with so many possibilities ahead of her as a talented artist.  We grabbed some hot tea and found a seat away from the door which opened and closed  blowing in the cold wind air. Conversation about worthwhile things makes my heart sing.  We opened our journals and began chatting about life, meaning and purpose.  As we talked warmth set in all around us with hot tea cups in our hands and happiness in our hearts.

Well into our conversation Emily’s phone began to ring.  Being the polite girl she is, she quietly ignored it so as not to disturb our conversation.  We continued to talk.  A few short minutes later the phone began vibrating again, prompting her to check it in case it was urgent.  She picked up the phone, looked at the incoming call and her expression changed in a blink.  Emily cocked her head and a smile spread across her face.  She has the most amazing smile, by the way.   She was full of joy.  I knew whoever was calling her was unusually loved by Emily and clearly she loved them back!  This didn’t seem to be an everyday call by her response.  She has studied all over the world and has a multitude of friends.  I thought that it was probably one of her friends from far away that she hadn’t heard from in a while.  

I said, “Who is it? Please feel free to answer.”

As she grinned Emily said, “It’s my dad.”

Wow.  Her dad.  Emily is very close to her family and speaks with her parents often.  This was not an unusual phone call at all.  I was so moved by her joy. My immediate thought was, “She must feel so loved by her dad and she must love him a tremendous amount as well.”  This is truly a gift that many would give anything to have.

Her dad was in town and had a few things to drop to her.  Nothing special that day, just a typical conversation, but clearly not a typical relationship.

We finished our tea and the day beckoned us to leave.  I walked back out into the windy air, got in my car, but before I even drove away I remembered that moment that Emily smiled.  I felt God saying to me, “I love you so much and I adore calling you. Do you see me as this kind of Father?”  

I long to hear the call of God.  I have so much desire to live the abundant life He promises for me through the very way He created me.  I think He calls but many don’t have Emily’s expression because they do not see God as an unconditionally loving and full of grace Father.  

As I drove away, I felt His love and His smile.  I longed to know what this loving Father had planned for me.  

Emily smiled and I was moved.  

He smiles at me which makes me smile.

God smiles at YOU because YOU are His masterpiece. He created you uniquely for a very specific purpose. Our lives are busier than ever with less purpose than ever. pathFINDER is the foundation for Beacon People. It was written to guide you on the greatest treasure hunt of your life - the treasure being your life-giving purpose. Go here to read more about pathFINDER.