What is Your "Happily Ever After?"

Six people came together on a hot, hazy summer night to enjoy each other’s company.  We sat around the table eating sushi and telling stories.  The stories we told were about our work, our families, and our lives. 

“You won’t believe what happened to me today!”

“Guess what I’m going to do when the kids get back in school.”

“My ninety year old mother-in-law did the funniest thing!”

As we shared our stories, intriguing details from everyone’s life began weaving an amazing tapestry.  The tapestry grew more colorful and lovely as the night wore on.  No two threads were alike.  Each person’s experience was unique and inspiring.  And each person’s life created a beautiful story.     

Once Upon a Time... 

My kids used to say, “Mom, tell me about the day I was born!”  Every life has a story.  Every story has a purpose.  And every purpose is important.  Take a minute to think about your story.  When did you discover your calling and begin living your life with purpose?  How would you finish the sentence that starts your “Once upon a time?”  If you’re not sure, let’s think about the Author of your story.  Our Author and Creator ordained all our days and wrote them in His book before one of them came to be, according to Psalm 139:16.  Isn’t that great news?  Your story already had purpose and significance even before you were born.  Now it’s your job to discover/uncover your story and begin living it with purpose.       

Plot twist ... 

Every story has “Plot twists,” or unexpected developments.  What are the plot twists in your story?  What are the details or circumstances in your life that you didn’t see coming?  Plot twists are challenges you didn’t ask for and gifts you didn’t want.  The good news is these unexpected twists encourage you to turn roadblocks into opportunities.  They encourage change, which leads to growth and progress.  They encourage you to figure out how to move forward with your story according to your Creator’s plan.  Isaiah 46:10 reads God’s purpose will stand.  Although your life might seem confusing, surprising, or even disappointing at times, His plan for you is always full of purpose.  The plot twists you face are not accidental, and as a result of them, the pages in your story will be beautiful.  Those gifts you thought you didn’t want become the very gifts you would never return.    

Happily Ever After... 

Ahhhh…and now for our favorite part.  The music plays and the characters walk off into the sunset with smiles on their faces.  Although we may not admit it, we all have a “Happily ever after” dream for our lives.  To determine your expectations, or your “Happily ever after,” think about these statements:

"If only _______________ would happen then I could ______________."  

"I hope my story turns out like this:  ________________."  

"I would like the last chapter of my life's story to read like this: ________________________"

Your Creator is the author of your story.  He wrote it for you.  But you get to decide how to live it, and your choices determine how your story will be told.  Your life may be different than you expected, but it may also be better.  The colorful threads you are adding to the tapestry make it complete.  So don’t try to rewrite your story.  Instead, find your “Once upon a time,” accept the “Plot twists,” and embrace your “Happily ever after.”  Your story is a beautiful narrative that has been written specifically and especially for you. 

So pull up a chair, have some sushi, and tell us your story.  Tell us His story.    

"Writing our stories and sharing them is one of the most powerful ways to grow and make that journey from the head to the heart.” Claire DeBoer

Stories connect us.

Stories heal us.

Stories give us purpose.

God is the writer I am just the narrator... the person who tells the story.